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sleepless /ˈsliːpləs/ , adjective
characterized by or experiencing lack of sleep.
synonyms: wakeful, restless, disturbed, without sleep; awake, wide awake, unsleeping, tossing and turning; insomniac
archaic: watchful, rare: insomnolent
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"...this place, if I could describe this place, portray it, I've tried, I feel no place, no place around me,
there's no end to me, I don't know what it is, it isn't flesh, it doesn't end, it's like air..." /S.Beckett/

Video was shot in the models of interiors built in my studio using simple digital camera with 35 mm prime lens. Both stop motion animation and computer manipulation were used.
Sleepless is visually based on the familiar common 70's interiors where dark ambience oscillate between banality and cataclysm, violence and boredom, living and interrogation room.
The sound was added subsequently on the basis of my rough sketches and it is a result of several nightshifts with sound specialist Aleff.

"SLEEPLESS... suggests the deficiency or shift in our perception over which we have no control. Strange, subversive, unrecognizable distorts our regular perception. " / P. Micova, Flash Art 35/2015 /

3 channel video, 8:20 min, 2014