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First time the installation was exhibited at G99 in Brno,CZ \ Revivew \ Exhibition
"I think we are living in limbo. We are not livin in the past, we are not living in the future; we are living in-between."
Steve McQueen, interview with Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Ageline Sherf
Rahova is a project consisting of video and gallery installation. It is based on records taken in Rahova housing estate in Bucharest, Romania. It was
chosen as the place at the end of utopia. Not just the failure of certain way of urbanistic thinking, but the failure of reality itself, the non-place, the limbo.
It meets all the features of Baudrillards definition of simulacra: fake, mass production and simulation /e.g. the rounded balconies, loggias and
decorations simulating the classical forms of fancy architecture/. The video recycles and deconstructs the familiar scenery turning it into the distraction.
The pre-cast 70s architecture - fighting with its own decay - is facing the digital desintagration. Camera slowly flows through the the blocks of houses,
the place is empty, just the surface of the concrete housing machine.Through the digitalasing the place, which so deeply roots in its own heavyweight
rational reality, it is turned into the fragile dreamy construction.
Video \ 2010 3 channel video 7:20 min \ 2008 1 channel video 16:9 7:20 min ..view video
Installation \ wallpeper, TV, fllashing fluorescent tubes
letter boxes, wallpaper, variable size